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The Pros and Cons of Subletting Your Holiday Home

Subletting your holiday home out to members of the public, friends and family when you are not using it is a very good way to generate some extra income. The money generated can be used to pay the annual site fees that are charged by the holiday park and any other costs in running the caravan. This minimises the cost for you as a static caravan owner.

The main two options when subletting a caravan are to either do it yourself or through the holiday park. Not all holiday parks have this option though so you will need to check beforehand.

Renting out the caravan via the holiday park is a great way of minimising any hassle but you need to be aware that you will not have any control over who they allow in to your holiday home, plus they will take off their commission from any income that is generated.

If you would like to sublet it privately and stay in control of who can rent it then you will need to find a way to advertise it to members of the public. Advertising online is the best way of doing this as you can reach a high number of people very easily and at low cost.

The biggest and most popular website is There are over 3000 people advertising their holiday homes on the above website and it receives millions of visits per year from members of the public all looking to hire a privately owned static caravan.

Renting your holiday home out privately but restricting it to friends and family only is another option you could choose, this way you are confident about the type of people you are allowing to stay in your caravan. The downside with this is that your friends and family may expect a generous discount compared to renting it out to members of the public limiting the amount of revenue you can earn.

Before signing-up to one of the websites above you need to keep in mind the two main downsides of subletting your holiday home. The first is the reduction in the amount of time that you can actually use the caravan yourself and the second is the increase in wear, tear and accidental damage that may occur while other people are using it.

Most people find that small, accidental damages can be covered by charging people a ‘damage deposit’ of between £50 and £100. If no damage occurs then the holidaymaker gets the deposit refunded in full, however if something is broken you can use part of the deposit to fix or replace it.

The wear and tear in a caravan usually takes place the most with items such as carpets, furniture and the kitchen area. A good idea is to save a small portion of each rental and put it to one side then if anything needs replacing at a later date you can use the money from the rentals to pay for it.
Willerby Clearwater lodge 2015
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £75,000
Lingwood Park
BK Bluebird Grosvenor 2011
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £25,995
Inglenook Caravan Park
BK Bluebird Caprice 2014
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £21,000
Reighton Sands Holiday Park
Delta Santana 2018
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £19,950
Kennack Sands Holiday Park
Willerby Portland 2017
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £120,000
Juliots Well Holiday Park
ABI Colorado 2008
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £17,000
Brynowen Holiday Park
Swift Loire 2015
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £25,750
Oakdene Forest Park
Willerby Willerby ridgewood lodge 2015
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £157,000
Hopton Holiday Village
Willerby Eco Salsa 2014
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £17,500
Perran Sands
Willerby Caledonia (Vacation) 2014
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £27,950
Coghurst Hall Holiday Village
Tingdene Woodland Oak 2010
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £72,495
Praa Sands Holiday Park
Willerby Sierra 2012
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £24,995
Weymouth Bay Holiday Park
While our buying guide is designed to help those who are looking to buy a holiday home we strongly advise anyone who is buying/selling a static caravan to research fully into how the process works, this could involve taking legal advice to ensure you are protected throughout the process.