The Place to Buy & Sell Static Caravans

Choosing a Holiday Home to Suit You

There has never been a better time to buy a used static caravan. Holiday homes come in all specifications from the very basic to the very luxurious. Most of the time your available budget will be the deciding factor in the holiday home that you end up choosing but even within a tight budget you still have plenty of choice.

From 1 bedroom static caravans all the way through to 4 bedrooms static caravans, and with sizes ranging from between 24ft long and 42ft long there really is something to suit everyone. Options include open plan layouts, end bedrooms with central lounge, en-suites, pitched roofs, double glazing, central heating, 2 bathrooms, freestanding furniture and so many more choices.

Therefore before even looking at any caravan we recommend that you first spend time thinking about how many times a year the caravan will be used, what length of holidays you will be taking, what time of year the holidays will be and also will anyone else be using the holiday home (eg, friends and family, sub-letting, etc).

For example if you are buying a static caravan as a couple who wishes to use it every weekend throughout the year then a 2 bedroom holiday home with en-suite to the main bedroom, double glazing and central heating would be a sensible choice. A standard 37ft long x 12ft wide would give you more than enough space and the spare bedroom is great should you invite guests without taking up too much space when you holiday together on your own.

However if you intend to only visit a few times a year and sub-let it out the rest of the year then maybe going for a 3 bedroom static caravan would make more sense as this would allow families with 3 children to rent out your holiday home, or maybe a small family plus grandparents. By having the extra bedroom you open yourselves up to more customers who could hire your caravan. Having the extra bedroom will take space away from the lounge and kitchen but does allow a greater flexibility when hiring the caravan out.

Once you have decided on the number of bedrooms you require then it is time to start looking at all the different designs available to you. You can do your research online to begin with but nothing compares to actually viewing some holiday homes yourself.

You can view static caravans at holiday parks where they sell their own, visit a caravan dealer, or even make appointments to view some private ones for sale. The more holiday homes you visit the more likely you will end up buying the one that is perfect for you and your needs.

Finance is normally available when buying via a holiday park or via a caravan dealer. This will obviously increase the price of the holiday home overall but will allow you to pay for it over a number of years. Alternatively you might be able to secure a personal loan at a more competitive interest rate. This could also be a way of securing finance if you were buying from a private individual and didn’t have enough money to cover the purchase price.

If you decide to buy privately please ensure that the holiday home does not have any outstanding finance on it, this is something that could cause complications for you at a later date.
Swift Alsace 2016
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £40,000
Oakdene Forest Park
Willerby New Hampton 2013
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £19,950
Hentervene Holiday Park
ABI Horizion 2016
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £23,500
Devon Cliffs
Delta Santana 2017
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £28,450
Kennack Sands Holiday Park
Willerby Manor 2003
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £13,999
Chichester Lakeside
Willerby Caledonia (Vacation) 2014
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £27,950
Coghurst Hall Holiday Village
Willerby Mistral 2017
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £25,495
Thurston Manor
ABI Roselle 2011
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £27,990
Challaborough Bay Holiday Park
ABI Ashcroft 2015
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £32,000
Green Lawns
Atlas Moonstone 2015
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £22,795
Seton Sands Holiday Village
Delta Goodwood 2016
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £16,000
White Horse Holiday Park
BK Bluebird Caprice 2003
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £15,499
Mullion Holiday Park
While our buying guide is designed to help those who are looking to buy a holiday home we strongly advise anyone who is buying/selling a static caravan to research fully into how the process works, this could involve taking legal advice to ensure you are protected throughout the process.