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Buy a Used Static Caravan from £20,000 to £39,999

On this page are second hand static caravans for sale within the price range of £20,000 to £39,999.

You can browse the list of used static caravans below to choose the holiday home that best suits your requirements. When you've found a caravan you like simply click on the make and model to view more information.

Make + Model Currently Sited Year Bedrooms Size Price
BK Bluebird Caprice Reighton Sands Holiday Park, Filey 2014 2 35ft x 13ft £22,500
Delta Santana Kennack Sands Holiday Park, Helston 2018 2 28ft x 10ft £23,500
Willerby Sierra Weymouth Bay Holiday Park, Weymouth 2012 3 36ft x 12ft £24,995
Willerby Mistral Thurston Manor, Dunbar 2017 2 35ft x 12ft £24,995
Swift Moselle Rockley Park, Poole 2010 3 38ft x 12ft £24,999
Pemberton Knightsbridge Searivers Caravan Park, Borth 2006 2 40ft x 14ft £25,000
Swift Loire Oakdene Forest Park, Ringwood 2015 3 35ft x 12ft £25,750
BK Bluebird Grosvenor Inglenook Caravan Park, Workington 2011 2 38ft x 12ft £25,995
Willerby Caledonia (Vacation) Coghurst Hall Holiday Village, Hastings 2014 2 35ft x 12ft £27,950
Pemberton Park Lane New Minerton Leisure Park, Tenby 2011 2 42ft x 14ft £39,995

This list of used static caravans is constantly updated so please check back in a few days time if you can't find what you're looking for right now.

Sell your caravan privately for between £20,000 and £39,999. Please visit our Advertise Static Caravan for Sale page.

Pemberton Park Lane 2011
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £39,995
New Minerton Leisure Park
Willerby Clearwater lodge 2015
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £83,995
Lingwood Park
BK Bluebird Grosvenor 2011
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £25,995
Inglenook Caravan Park
Pemberton Knightsbridge 2006
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £25,000
Searivers Caravan Park
Pemberton Monte carlo 2004
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £14,995
Inglenook Caravan Park
Pemberton Brompton 2016
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £57,495
Pearl Lake Country Holiday Park
BK Bluebird Caprice 2014
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £22,500
Reighton Sands Holiday Park
Delta Santana 2018
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £23,500
Kennack Sands Holiday Park
Willerby Portland 2017
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £125,000
Juliots Well Holiday Park
Carnaby Monarch 2015
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £52,500
Hoburne Naish
Atlas Image 2014
Bedrooms: 2       Price: £75,995
Hoburne Naish
Carnaby Oakdale CL 2018
Bedrooms: 3       Price: £49,950
Hentervene Holiday Park
While our buying guide is designed to help those who are looking to buy a holiday home we strongly advise anyone who is buying/selling a static caravan to research fully into how the process works, this could involve taking legal advice to ensure you are protected throughout the process.